A Beautiful Gift

Back in January when the Chronicle Herald ran this article on me and the Peru Through the Lens trip, a lovely lady named Carol got in touch because she was taken by the photo of the mom and baby that had accompanied the article. Carol contacted me to ask my permission to use the photo as inspiration for a drawing of the little girl and that she would like me to take it to Peru this year to give to the family, if possible.

Family Portraits
Family Portraits

A few months passed and honestly, I had forgotten about the conversation all together. My phone rang one afternoon and Carol explained that she had the photo and if it wasn’t too late, that she would still like me to take it to Peru.

How could I say no?

I stopped by Carol’s place about two hours before leaving for the airport on April 5th to pick up the gift to take. I had no idea what I would be getting, other than it was a sketch, inspired by a photo that I had taken. I picked up this lovely drawing of baby Melissa Solome and I can’t wait to hand deliver it to the family in Ccaccaccollo. They were my home stay family last year, so I hope they remember me and hopefully they appreciate this lovely little sketch.

People in the world really are kind … such a beautiful gift.

Sketch from Carol
Sketch from Carol

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  1. May 6th,, decided to check to see if the sketch was received, curious for reaction of the family,, one never can tell, and when I saw it again I wished I had done somethings different ..Carol B

    1. Hi Carol. Got your phone message. Haven’t had time to call back. Busy organizing the Art Show for May 25th. Hope you can attend!
      Delivered the photo when we went to the community. Unfortunately the family wasn’t there. They were at the market that day. However, I showed the sketch to the mayor of the community and left it with her to deliver. She was very excited to do so.

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