Another Life Changing Decision – Part 7

Renovations may be the death of me.

Here we are in March and honestly, the renovations are only creeping along. I can’t believe I somehow thought they would be done by now. Who was I kidding?

Between the contractor’s schedule and lack of communication and my need to do things on budget (hence asking friends to help), it seems like it is all moving at a snail’s pace. Oh yes, let’s not forget the incredible stress I’ve had trying to decide on paint colours for throughout the house.

It’s really quite the disaster and I don’t know how I’m surviving. There is no livable space in my house. The kitchen has been torn apart for over a week with most of my dishes packed up and stored throughout the house. Drawers are filled with stuff and sitting on the living room floor, plates are covered with table cloths to keep the dust off. The wall paper has all been removed in the kitchen and the cabinet faces have been taken off site to paint. They’ve now been returned, the rest of the cabinets have been sanded and painted … Sadly, once the cabinet faces were put back up, they didn’t look right. After staring at them for days and having other friends look at them, I decided something was wrong. I talked to the contractor and it appears that he got two cans of white paint mixed up. He put the last coat on the cabinets with what he thought was semi gloss, but he ended up re-priming them. So, down they all come again to be repainted. Here goes at least another week without an operational kitchen. I haven’t cooked in a couple of weeks.

Feb 23
Feb 23

With everything from my kitchen now moved into my living room, it’s in quite the state as well. But, up until this point the living room has been untouched so there is still a couch to sit on, it’s just messy all around.

As for upstairs … the furniture has been moved around a couple of times and both bedrooms and the hallway are painted with two coats of silver dollar half grey by Benjamin Moore. The trim has been painted, but a few spots have been missed and need touch ups. Sadly, the hallway was done horribly with some areas not getting even one coat and other areas being spotty. I had to ask the contractor to redo it, which he did. Sadly, I think the main reason was because of poor lighting in the hallway and he simply couldn’t see well enough to do a good job. A couple of days after mentioning it, the hallway has been redone, it looks much better. Phew!

The floors are bare with the carpets gone and staples all removed, but no matter how many times I sweep or vacuum they are still filthy. All of the furniture from my master bedroom (except the bed) has been moved to my small spare bedroom. There’s room to open the door, but I don’t really bother because not much can be done in there. At least the painting in that room is done, other than touch ups, so I can just avoid that room all together.

My bedroom on the other hand, I can not avoid.

My bed still sits relatively in the middle of the room. A friend is laying my new laminate floors for me (Molokai Driftwood). He started and with about 6 or so hours of work, has done a little more than half of my master bedroom. Good progress. Sadly, having a friend work on this means it is slow going. Not in the actual work, but more in the matter of he can’t come do it all at once because he has a full time job. So, it has to be between work and family commitments.

Mar 6
Mar 6

Every day from the beginning of the contractors painting up stairs I’ve had to keep my bed covered in plastic and then uncover it each night before I go to bed. This continued once we started the flooring. I had to empty out my closet, which meant that everything got dumped on my bed then covered in plastic. Each night I’d come home, uncover everything, put it back in the closet so I could sleep on my bed and start it all over the next day. This was because I never knew which days the contractor or my friend were going to be coming to work on the bedroom and I didn’t want paint or dust all over my clothes. Bad enough it is all over EVERYTHING else! Oh the frustration!

To add to the pressure? I only have a couple of weeks left before I leave for South East Asia and I definitely want my house on the market and able to be shown while I’m away. It’s useless for it to sit here empty while I’m gone. So, a hard deadline is in place. I leave early morning on April 1st.

I’m exhausted. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t just lost it all together …
Whose to say that I won’t before it’s all done …

Thanks to my friends who have been helping out and my sister who has helped with more than I can even say. From moving furniture to cleaning out cupboards, cooking me meals and just keeping me sane … Thanks everyone.

March 6th … signing off … still alive but not sure if I’m sane.

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