Can I fan your flame?

Let me start by saying … Yes.

Yes, you are allowed to tell me I’m crazy and that I’ve lost my marbles.


Yes, I believe in making a difference and I want to be part of the change.

No matter what you say at the end of this post, please just take a moment to read it. If you think I am crazy, tell me … maybe I need to be reminded sometimes … But, if this email hits you, ignites a light in you and you squirm with excitement … tell me! Shout it from the mountain tops. Call me. Email me. Send positive energy my way. Do whatever your heart desires, but don’t do nothing.

I am writing this because I know there are people out there (who I am connected to, or who I am not) that have a spark that needs to be fanned into a flame.

I am looking for a small group of people from anywhere in Canada (or possibly beyond) who believe there is more to life than work and money. Who believe that they can make a difference, but maybe aren’t quite sure how. Who truly, deeply believe that travel is a fantastic education and that the impact and experiences you have in other countries are ever-lasting.

I am going to make a difference … I continue to challenge myself on a daily basis and remind myself that I only have one life to live. I believe that I have it in me to make a difference in other people’s lives and I am not going to ignore that. I believe that you do too and I am hoping that you will feel as strongly about all of this as I do.

I am looking into taking a trip with Me to We in 2014. You may be familiar with the name Craig Keilburger (founder), the charity Free the Children or the ever popular We Day that will be coming up in April. Me to We is the organization tied to all of these great things. Craig Keilburger ignited a spark in me many years ago when I saw a We Day television show while sitting at my parents house in Fredericton, NB. Although it has taken years for that spark to fan into a flame … here I am …

I’m considering a volunteer vacation to either India or Kenya. This is not like any other volunteer vacation you have ever heard of, so check your perceptions at the door and come in with an open mind. Take a look at this video.

I’m going to put it right up front that the trips start at about $4400 + airfare (another let’s say $1200 – $2000 depending on location and time of year, although you could use aeroplan or avion points to off set this). This is not cheap. HOWEVER, this is an investment in yourself. It is paying for a vacation (which you would have done anyway) that makes a million differences to people in India and Kenya. It is taking your hard earned dollars, investing them in yourself, seeing the world, giving back and changing people’s lives.

(On a side note, if you feel bad about leaving your husband or family at home? Me to We has youth & family programs, so if you’d rather go as a family or think your teens or university sons and daughters would enjoy this, talk to me about that option as well! I’m 100% behind you!)

These trips incorporate 2-4 partial days of volunteer work with 6 – 10 days of site seeing (temples / safaris / local meals / markets), being fully immersed in the local communities, seeing first hand the difference that we are making by helping children get an education. Helping build SUSTAINABLE communities. That means that someday the communities will not need our help because they will have the education, the skills and knowledge to continue bringing their children up and out of poverty.

If you think for a second that I have $6000 burning a hole in my back pocket, you are wrong. But, I know that I have monetary riches far beyond what people in these countries have. And, more importantly, they have riches in happiness with their simple lifestyle that I know they will share with me.

I will likely be fundraising for my trip … as you can too. Spreading the word about the cause … about the movement and change that I believe people can create. Making a change in your life, educating your children about the luxuries they have compared to the happiness and richness in life that people in much poorer communities have. Helping people become humble and empathetic. Helping people mobilize and make a difference.

My Ask is simple … Do something! Not nothing!

If you are in a place in your life where you are searching for more … you believe you can make a difference and you truly want to challenge yourself, come talk to me about this opportunity. I would like to put a group of 4 – 15 women together to take this journey hand in hand and make a difference together. I would like to do this in the 2014 year. Dates and country to be determined by the interests of the women who are committed to investing in themselves. If I find out that 15 women are inspired by this post and interested, maybe I’ll go to both India AND Kenya!

If you are interested in the possibility of joining me on this journey, let me know. Just because you call or email me doesn’t mean I’m going to sign you up. That has to be ALL YOU! It just means that this email has pulled a string in your heart and I hope it will continue to vibrate until you make the choice to do something about it. I just want to have an open conversation and find the RIGHT people to take this powerful, life changing journey together.

Once I have heard from a few people, I will set up an information session (in Halifax) – likely in May (as I’m in Peru from April 5 – 20th). If you are interested, please message (or call me – 902 402 7646) right away before you forget about it and maybe let me know if day-time, evening or weekend is best for you to get together for a presentation and open conversation.

Not ready or not interested in a trip? That’s ok. It’s not the only way to be part of the change!

1. Let me know if you are willing to help with my fundraising efforts in some way once I get fully mobilized on this. A personal donation, a product to auction off, a donation from your company, help with organizing a fundraising event or simply your support in spreading the word about my efforts because you believe in making a change.

2. Know another strong, beautiful woman who may be interested in this trip? Forward them my blog or email address ( and ask them to get in touch with me! Fan their flame!

3. Really easy (and affordable) … go to the Me to We website and buy a product that helps support this fantastic cause. Buy a t-shirt, a book, a card … buy one of the pieces of jewelry, a scarf or handbag that are hand made by the women of these communities. Support the community AND ensure that they are being paid fair wages and building stronger, sustainable communities. The next time you have to buy a birthday gift or Christmas gift, think about living ME TO WE and support a cause while you are giving a gift! They have inspirational adult books as well as amazing children’s books!

Have I fanned your flame? Even a little flicker?

Contact me at any time to discuss any of this … your interest, your desire … what else you may be doing to make a difference. I’m happy to hear it all!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

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