Cash on hand

This is going to be a really short post, but it will expand as I travel! Really, it is mostly just a note to self to say that I’m starting out with $545 US Cash + $20 Canadian Cash. I’m a little uncomfortable with carrying this amount of actual cash, but I’ll be careful to separate it into different bags while I travel in case one gets lost or stolen. And, I suspect a good chunk of it will be gone in the first week with my visit to The Galapagos Islands. It’s expensive there and I still want to book a couple of excursions that I haven’t arranged yet.

While I am away for three weeks, I will have to pay for about half of my meals, a couple of tours in the Galapagos Islands, tips for my tour guides, taxis or buses and any gifts or souvenirs that I want to bring back.

Every couple of days, I hope to update this post with my spending so that I’ll have a good idea of where my money went when I get home! As well as keeping track for the next time I travel to Peru or Ecuador. You never know where my next photo adventure tour will be!

Feb 10th – $10.50
$2 – almonds at Starbucks
$.50c – pay phone to call my sister to bring me my cell phone
$8 – Supper at Houston Airport

Feb 11th – $65
$0 – Breakfast (included at my Hostal Villa Nancy)
$2 – Postcards
$26 – Guide to help me navigate the streets to get to the churches of Old town. I paid him way too much, but I’m still glad I hired him. He showed me spots I definitely wouldn’t have looked at on my own. And, he kept me safe.
$1.50 – entry to La Compania – really amazing church that I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of inside
$5 – Taxi to Teleferiquo
$8.50 – Teleferiquo admission
$5 – Cafe Lazo & Cheese Empanadas
$3 – Taxi to Hotel
$14.72 – Supper at Hunter’s – Locre de Queso, ham and cheese panini, bottle of water (sin gas)

Feb 12th – $146.80
$10 – Tourist card for Galapagos Islands – MUST KEEP IT TO RETURN TO ECUADOR!
$100 – Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee
$0.80 – Ferry from Baltra to Santa Cruz
$30 – for transportation for my lovely new friends who helped translate for me
$4-$6 – Drinks – bottled water, pop, nestea

Feb 13th – $2
$2 – four bottles of water

Feb 14th – $45
$40 deposit of $80 boat ride, lunch, snorkeling – Floreana Island – booked for Feb 15
$3 – snorkeling gear
$2 – pop

Feb 15th – $45 – $30 refund, only $15 spent
$40 remainder of Foreana Island boat tour
$3 laundry
$2 drinks
-$30 – refund from Bamba for the first day of travel when I paid for two English speaking people to travel with me.

Feb 16th – $18.50
$2 tip to Darwin for driving me one day and helping me at the ferry to the airport today.
$4 drinks
$12.50 ish – supper in Quito at Hunter’s Restaurant – VISA

Feb 17th – 21st – Puno / Lake Titicaca – $295 Soles = $125 US
$140 US changed into $333.90 Soles of which I have $65 Soles left.
Food & Water: $195
Tips: $20 for Lake Titicaca guide, $5 Boat Captain, $3 TukTuk
Reed Boat Ride: $5 – Uros Islands
Hat: $20 – bought at homestay
Two necklaces: $40 – bought at Uros Islands
Market Food for Homestay: $15

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