Experience It!

Photo Tip: Experience it!

As tourists, we often tend to get a little snap-happy when we visit a new location. We try to capture everything that surrounds us, and are often under time constraints to do so. Maybe our tour bus has only stopped for an hour long visit in a city, but if you are lucky, you have an afternoon free to explore at your leisure.

Before you start taking pictures, start with a deep breath. Look around and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. Often once we raise our camera to our eye we change modes and want to create beautiful photographs. I challenge you to make sure you take time to also enjoy the experience of the city. It is through living, feeling, connecting and doing hands on activities with locals that you truly get a feel for the community or city you are visiting. When you feel the connection, then it is time to raise your camera and capture that feeling. If you can wait … these photos will be far more meaningful to you then the 360 degree spin you did to capture everything without experiencing any of it.

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