Ideas to save money for a Photo Tour

So many people say they are interested in taking a photo tour, but don’t have the money. Now, now … that’s not true. You can find money to travel if you prioritize it! Most people think it is just a pipe dream. Something that would be nice, but they will never do. They wonder how come others can afford it or wish that they could go. Well, why not change that attitude and make it happen?

I’ve compiled a few easy ideas that you can implement immediately to help save money for one of my Through the Lens photo tours.

1. Find an empty jar or container in your house and cover it with the Itinerary of your dreams … or random photos of the destination. Then, every time you have spare change, no matter how small, pop it in this container. It is amazing how much spare change we have around. And, you won’t miss that quarter or loonie out of your pocket or purse. It’ll add up fast!

2. Christmas is coming. Why not make a calendar ($15 – $25), or frame prints of your favourite images to give as Christmas gifts. Every year as Christmas becomes more and more commercial, I enjoy homemade and from the heart gifts much more than store bought! And, 5×7 or 8×10 prints are less than $5 each! Save yourself a bit of money this Christmas and give from the heart!

3. Do you have a few really great photos that people are always saying they’d like a copy of? Don’t give it away for free! Your friends and family should be happy to pay you a reasonable price for a piece of art that they can hang in their home. In fact, why not post those photos ‘for sale’ on Facebook, your blog or website … or around the office and take orders for prints!

4. Run a family or pet photography special for your friends and family. This is a great way to practice your photography skills, make a little money and reconnect with friends & family. You reconnect when you send the email out to let them know about your fundraising efforts, then you get to see them in person! And don’t forget, you can provide photos on DVD, or for downloading online. There is relatively no cost to this for you, just your precious time. But, what’s a few hours of doing something you love to save some money to travel to your dream destination?

5. Take photos for your co-workers, friends or family who are participating in Movember. Donate half of the money to their Movember campaign and keep the other half for your travel fund!

6. Cancel your cable. I haven’t had cable for almost four years. I don’t watch a lot of television shows, so I keep up to date with them on my own time, online. Cable can be $50 – $100 / month. Give it up from now until after you return from your trip. Make sure you take the money you are saving and stash it in your travel fund though so you see it piling up! Six months could equal $600 or more. And, I bet after six months without it, you won’t even want it back!

7. Do you like to bake? Sell baked goods to your friends & family. I don’t like baking. If you offer me a dozen cookies, I would pay you for them! Spend all day one Sunday baking and have people pick up their orders from you that night. Make sure you remember to price accordingly for all of your supplies including however you are packaging them!

8. Take part in a local flea market by renting a table (usually $20-$50) and do Spring or Fall cleaning. Get rid of all of the items in your house that you don’t need. Or, sell them on kijiji! Put the money toward new camera gear for your trip, or trip costs themselves!

9. I can’t remember where I heard this idea, but I won’t take credit for it … Take orders from family & friends for photos that you WILL take while you are in destination. That’s right, you make a commitment to them to take a special photo for them … it can either be something specific that they request, or it can be a random photo of something that reminds you of them while you are in destination. It’s a great fun, inspiring challenge for while you are traveling!

10. Check your Air miles, Aeroplan or Avion points. Maybe you have a free flight waiting for you! If not, maybe with a some strategic planning of where you grocery shop or buy gas you can get enough points in the next few months!

11. Get your deposit in to The Adventure Travel Company right away and then make regular deposits until you are all paid up! Or, pay it all in advance on your line of credit and let the pressure of having debt encourage you to pay it off even quicker!

Need help with any of the ideas above? Just ask!

There are a million ways to save money for anything that you put your mind to. These are just a few that I think would be relatively easy and quick to implement.

Don’t forget to get your deposit in to The Adventure Travel Company right away to hold your spot and you can start saving money to tick a new destination off your bucket list! (2014 – Vietnam)

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