Lifejacket Complication

Feb 13, 2012

What happens in the Galapagos stays in the Galapagos … right? Nah, this is too funny not to blog about.

I’m a pretty strong swimmer as I used to be a lifeguard. I’m not always 100% confident in open water though. I know that I can swim and I’m not going to drown, but when snorkeling I like to enjoy what I’m seeing instead of worrying about treading water, so I often wear a lifejacket.

Today, my lifejacket was too large. Although the boats have enough lifejackets for everyone, they aren’t always the right size, so you take what you can get, knowing that it will help you float.

When Armando started taking photos of me with the seals, I was constantly hauling down on the lifejacket. It is no fun when it is constantly up under your chin and around your ears. Besides, how is he going to get a nice picture of me if I’m all hidden? You know that’s what its all about right?

So, after pulling down on it many times, Armando came over to me and motioned that he could help me. I said ok. Remember, we are a bit too far away from the boat to swim back, climb on and fix the lifejacket, so he was going to help me in the water.

Ooops. Where’d he go? Ooops! Um I found him down there … Yup … down THERE. He was underwater trying to loosen the leg straps of the lifejacket. I could feel his hands on my legs, gently pushing me one way or another. Then once the straps were loosened, now was the task of getting it fastened. I’m not joking … While Armando was down there fumbling around, I actually laughed out loud at how ridiculous this was. Some strange man was down there trying to put a belt between my legs and get it fastened. I won’t lie … a couple of times he touched my woohoo. Now don’t get me wrong, there was nothing sexual about this, just a Scuba diving instructor trying to help me out and make me more comfortable so that I could enjoy the snorkeling, but WOW, who knew that I’d be letting someone do that while I was away on vacation!

Needless to say, the strap helped keep the lifejacket in place and it was much more comfortable for the rest of the swim. I was able to enjoy the marine life and stop fiddling with my jacket.

Armando also sang us a little song on the way to one of our other spots. I took video of it, but can’t seem to access it. If I can, I’ll upload it someday.

Armando Boat Captain and Lifejacket fixer extraordinaire
Armando Boat Captain and Lifejacket fixer extraordinaire

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