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Sept 9 – Empowering Communities through Travel
Sep 15 – River Cruise South of France

Date: Wed, Sep 9 – 11:00am Atlantic
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We all love travel and experiencing the world from a different point of view. Many of you enjoy supporting local in your home town, but you may not be as conscious of supporting local when you travel. It is still a very important concept as it helps empower communities around the world.

If you are interested in being a better, more conscious traveller who helps empower communities on your vacation, it is easier than you think! Come learn about opportunities throughout Europe to explore cities on day tours led by Immigrant Tour guides and learn what their home is like from their perspective. Learn about dining at local restaurants who help at risk youth gain employment skills. And, an Eco-village with residents, many of whom are disabled, living a sustainable lifestyle, supported by low impact tourism.

Join us for a presentation and conversation with Laura Gasparini, Community Development Specialist in Europe for the Planeterra Foundation.

Date: Wed, Sep 15 – 6:30pm Atlantic
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From the iconic romance of Paris to quaint Medieval villages and famous wine regions, France is a destination many Canadians long to explore.

Unpack once and relax on board your luxurious Scenic River Cruise as you float your way along the river to explore legendary towns, learn about ancient history, see fascinating architecture and colorful gardens.

Join us on September 15th as Tracy from Scenic will inspire you to visit France, when it’s safe. She’ll share some of her favorite experiences, insider tips and inspirations for visiting beautiful France!