Majestic Complications – Part 1

April 16, 2012

I woke up bright and early this morning despite the late night. I only had about four hours of sleep but when I woke and realized that the sun was out and it was warm, I couldn’t stay in bed.

Swim suit, sunscreen, audio book (Plain Truth by Jody Picoult) … check. Off to see the VIK Arena Blanca resort in the daylight and find some breakfast!

One great thing about staying at a smaller and less popular resort is that you don’t have to get up at an unreasonable hour to stake out a good chair in the shade by the pool or on the beach! Unfortunately, we hadn’t been given towel tickets at check in, so I didn’t have anything to ‘mark my spot’.

I went off to breakfast, which was a lovely buffet. Everything I tried was yummy, but my favorite this morning was the crepe, which I adorned with banana and chocolate syrup. Yum!

I then went for a lovely walk along the beautiful beach. It was particularly interesting to walk by the shops that were built at the water’s edge. They are sand-bagged not to get dragged away and the waves crash right into the shops. Most of them were not open this early, but a few were.

I returned and sat in the warm sun on the beach for awhile, but it was windy and the sand in my mouth and eyes got a little tiresome so I moved to the pool. Oh the joys of having a choice between pool and ocean!

At 11am we were all to meet in the lobby with our SunQuest Representative. At 11am, we were all there … all 37 of us! Eventually we were told that we would need to meet again at 1pm with all of our luggage … then a new rep came and told us we would be leaving at 2pm and would need all of our luggage. Oh but wait, we still had to check out of our rooms at 1pm, so we still needed to bring our luggage at 1pm, but we wouldn’t be leaving until 2pm. Oh my goodness! The changes didn’t frustrate me too much, but trying to convey three different times to 37 people who had scattered after the first report was a little difficult. None-the-less, 1pm (ish), our entire group was together in the lobby.

Our bus arrived around 2pm, we piled on and took the 30 minute (or so) ride from VIK Arena Blanca Resort to the Majestic Colonial Resort.

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