So you’d like to travel but you are a little overwhelmed with all of the options out there. Maybe you know where you want to go, but aren’t sure when the best time is. Maybe you’re new to travel and aren’t sure where to start. Maybe you’re just looking to pick someone’s brain about your ideas and how to make them happen.

If any of these ‘maybes’ sound like you, I can help. All of the options can be overwhelming from cruise to group tours to independent travel and from monsoon season to green seasons to bushfire season. And what about those visas and have you thought about vaccines and medications?

When you aren’t quite sure where to start or if working with a travel planner is the best fit for you, I offer an initial 30 minute consultation that will help you decide.

I’ll ask you questions about what you’d like to get out of your vacation that will help narrow down destinations and styles of travel. Whether you are looking for a small group trip, coach bus tour or river cruise or completely customized itinerary, I can help you find the right fit for your perfect vacation from relaxing to active, solo travel to group adventures.

We’ll chat about what you’d like to see and do on vacation, discuss destination options and the best time of year for you to travel. I’ll give you a general idea of costs, explain the costs and benefits of working with me as your travel agent and from there, you can decide if you’d like to get started together on your next adventure or luxury vacation.

Should you decide that you want to gather information and ideas, then do the research and planning on your own, you can do that. Or, if you’d like to hire me, we can move forward with a Custom Itinerary Creation or Planning & Support package for a pre-arranged tour, river cruise or customized tour.

Our meeting can take place by phone, in person or video conferencing. Send me an email or call 902 402 7646 to arrange a time today.