Packing List – Clothing and Toiletries

For all of you Peru Through the Lens adventurers, here’s a packing list to get you started! We’ll get an official packing list from G Adventures shortly as well, but in the mean time, here’s my list that I am working on.

Swimsuit – you’ll want it for the hot springs! I’m taking two because I’ll also be in the Galapagos Islands for five days.
Socks – ones without holes! This will protect your feet better from blisters. I’m taking 10 pairs to cover 21 days. There just simply isn’t room for 21 pairs of socks.
Sports bras – I plan to be comfy, not sexy while I’m traveling!
Underwear – Also not enough room to take 21 pairs of underwear, so yes folks, there will be a few repeats! Grossed out? We’re not doing 5 star resorts here you know! 🙂
7 t-shirts
1 tank top
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of yoga pants
1 pair of capris
1 pair of yoga pants that are light, but look more like dress pants. I decided this was more practical than taking a sun dress.
1 warm sweater (hoodie)
1 thin sweater (active wear thin sweater)
1 pair pjs
1 long sleeve cotton shirt
rain jacket
2 cheapie ponchos w/ hood
Young & Fearless ball cap

Hiking shoes – I’m taking Merrells – well broken in!
lightweight sneakers – I’m packing an extra pair of sneakers just in case my feet get blistered.
Hiking sandals – Merrells – These will be all around use. They are replacing my water shoes, flip flops and my dress sandals. They are a neutral greyish color, they have good straps around the back of your foot so they won’t fall off and they are acceptable to wear with shorts or pants.

Travel Pillow
Small beach towel
Money belt
Passport and holder
Sun glasses
Journal / pens
Plane tickets / documents
Water bottle – I’ll be taking a collapsible one by Vapur – sold at Chapters.
Heavy duty Ziplock bags – to keep things dry, or to keep wet things from getting on your dry things!
Small combination lock(s)
Day pack – lightweight small backpack to take with you whenever we are able to leave our backpacks in the hotel. It will be to carry things like your water, snacks, money, extra socks/shoes, sun screen, sanitizer etc. Whatever you may need for a day away from the hotel.

Pills / Medications
Any pills you take on a daily basis – make sure they are in proper bottles with your name and prescription. This is very important for traveling to other countries.
Pepto bismal
Water purification tablets
Cold FX
Diamox – Altitude sickness

Shots / Meds to consider for our trip and/or extra add ons to the Amazon: Dukoral (to prevent traveler’s diarrhea), Twinrix (to prevent Hepatitus), Tetnus, Typhoid, Measles/Mumps, Chicken Pox, Influenza, Yellow fever, Malaria. More Information.

Shampoo / conditioner
Body wash
Dental floss
Make up
Nail clippers
Small hair dryer – found a really nice petite one that the handle folds up on. Very compact.
hand Sanitizer / sanitizing wipes
Sun screen – spf 45 or higher. Don’t forget that you’ll burn more easily because of the altitude. You don’t want to ruin your trip with a blistery sore sunburn!
Aloe – in case your sunscreen doesn’t do the trick
Advil / Aleve / Midol / Tylenol
Feminine products
roll on band aid to prevent blisters
band aids
Toilet paper – lots and lots of toilet paper or kleenex! It should be available in our hotel rooms, but most public washrooms and the homestays aren’t likely to have any.
Insect repellant
Hair elastics
Bobby pins
Tide – to wash clothes in sink if necessary

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