Packing List – Electronics / Camera Gear

As a group of photo enthusiasts, obviously packing camera gear is a huge part of the Peru Through the Lens trip. Here is a list of suggested Camera gear and electronics to take, in brackets are specifics of what I will be taking. If you want more details on why I’ve chosen to take this gear, please read Camera Gear for Peru trip.

Please remember that your camera gear should be one of your carry on items. Check with your specific airlines to find out size and weight specifications for carry on luggage.

Camera Gear / Electronics
Cameras – (Two 5D MK II bodies)
Lenses – (24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 50mm 1.8)
Flash – (580 EX II)
Small light tripod – Gorillapod
point and shoot camera – (Panasonic TS3 Underwater)
Memory Cards (100GB in total, Lexar and SanDisk)
Rechargeable Batteries (for 5D, Lumix and flash)
Chargers (cameras, flash)
Multi card reader (reads CF, SD and XD)
Rain sleeve for camera to use if shooting in mist / rain
Cover for camera bag to protect from rain

Lens cloth
Lens cleaner & tissues

Electrical Converter
Cell Phone with Roaming package or World Sim Card
Phone charger
Laptop or Netbook & power cord – (MacBook Pro)
Back up / storage – (Portable hard drive 500GB or 1T – I haven’t decided yet)

Bubble wrap
Silica gel packs to absorb moisture

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