Photo Enthusiasts tour – where to next?

Just in case you don’t already know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Galapagos. It is beautiful here. Absolutely stunning. The history is amazing, the animals are fantastic, the people are friendly. Everything is so lush and colorful.

I knew while I was away on this trip that I would be thinking about my NEXT trip. I had originally been considering another Peru Through the Lens trip as I would be familiar with the itinerary. Now though, I’m thinking about leading a Galapagos trip.

I know there are a lot of people out there reading my blog (amazingly about 250 hits a day right now) WOW!
Photo enthusiasts – meaning anyone with a digital SLR camera who loves photography – Can you please leave me a comment if you would be interested in a photo trip to the Galapagos? or to Peru? or, suggestions on where else you would be interested in.

These trips are going to be pricey. It is not cheap to get here or to do a tour.
Peru Through the lens this time around was $2485 + flights (about $1000-$1500, or use your avion or aeroplan points!)
Galapagos would be more expensive as it is expensive to visit the islands to begin with.

I would like to start keeping track of names of people interested in a photo tour.

I would also consider teaching official photography lessons while I’m here or before we leave Canada. So if you are really a beginner, you could learn and then practice in the Galapagos

Thoughts? Feedback? Please talk to me!

Tortuga Bay Beach, Puerto Ayora
Tortuga Bay Beach, Puerto Ayora

Land Iguana, Tortuga Bay, Puerto Ayora
Land Iguana, Tortuga Bay, Puerto Ayora

4 thoughts on “Photo Enthusiasts tour – where to next?

  1. I’m loving your pictures, and accounts of your trip! I’m just learning to use my new D7000 so would be interested in lessons, and possible a trip to the Galapagos (what a dream!) when my kids are older (3-5 years from now). Add me to the list!

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