Why Travel with Shari Tucker Photography & Adventures?

I have more than 15 years of professional photography experience under my belt covering portraiture, weddings, landscapes, product and travel photography.

I am an open book and will encourage an open learning atmosphere where everyone will feel welcome to ask questions, no matter how basic or advanced.

I love to teach and have a knack for non-technical explanations to help the non-techie people understand difficult concepts.

I have traveled to 42 countries (and counting) and have a passion for culture. I feel that traveling is an education all of its own.

I pride myself in being a traveler, not a tourist. I am respectful of local laws, traditions and customs. I feel strongly that as travelers we should help support the local economies, but not perpetuate the idea that tourists give away free money.

I am a travel survivor:
I’ve survived a plane crash (1997)
I arrived in the Galapagos Islands with no Spanish language skills (at that time), traveling solo and no one to pick me up at the airport
I’ve photographed a destination wedding, arriving the night that the resort caught on fire

I have a great sense of humour, low stress level during travel and I travel with an openness to the unexpected.

Oh yes, and I have stories to tell! Feel free to ask about my experiences! They range from scary to hilarious.