South America Trip Costs

For those of you who have been asking (and for my own records), I thought I’d throw together a quick blog about how much my trip to South America is costing me … where I’ve saved money, where I’ve splurged etc. I’ll be updating this as I organize my receipts. Here’s a quick run down:

Camera Gear:
I bought a Manfrotto Camcorder Messanger Bag – Found it fit my gear better and was cheaper than the camera bags I was considering – $79.99 at Future Shop
I’ve since returned the Manfrotto bag and decided to carry my Lowepro backpack which I already owned. (saved myself $80 … that has now been spent elsewhere!)

15″ Laptop Sleeve – $19.99 + $10 shipping –

32GB Lexar CF Card – $99.99 – Henry’s – Bayer’s Lake
16 GB Transcend CF Card – $89.99 – Henry’s – Bayer’s Lake
8 GB SCHC Card for my Lumix camera – $29.99 – Henry’s – Bayer’s Lake
Lumix Waterproof digital camera – WITH GPS! How friggin’ cool is that? When I take a photo it’ll mark it with GPS coordinates so I can pin exactly where I was when I took the photo!! $269.99 – Henry’s – Bayer’s Lake
Gorillapod – $69.99

1 TB Portable Western Digital Elements Hard Drive – I got a super incredible deal on this at Staples. Paid $79.98. A whopping $100 off on a door crasher special in January!

Vapur Water Bottle – SO COOL! It stands when full, folds when empty. Freezable, diswasher safe and no BPA’s. $13.99 at Chapters. I will use this when bottled water is not available. I will get local water and treat it with ionizing tablets to ensure it is safe to drink. The tablets I bought were 30 for about $20 at MEC.

Halifax to Quito – Aeroplan Points – $139 in Taxes
Quito to Lima – $450 – Booked through G Adventures
Lima to Halifax – Aeroplan Points – included above

Galapagos Islands Budget Santa Cruz Tour – $1400 and super fantastic Bamba Experience has included my meals while I’m there for four days! I booked this through The Adventure Travel Company.

Urban Adventure with Intrepid Travel – A day tour in Quito – Haven’t booked it yet, but planning on it – $90

Travel Health / Vaccines:
Consult at Napier Travel Health Clinic – $50
Flu and Tetanus shots – Free
Typhoid vaccine – $60
Dukoral (traveler’s diarrhea) – $ – Superstore Pharmacy
Diamox (20 days) – $ – Superstore Pharmacy

Waterproof jacket – MEC $116 – It was on sale – $50 off and I figured since I’m going during rainy season that I should splurge on this one. Also, not a bad thing to have in Halifax! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve worn my rain jacket regularly in Halifax and I love it!
Rain pants – Viking Windigo Packable – $32.99 at Mark’s Work Wearhouse
Last minute decision to also purchase Merrell sandals. They are sturdy hiking sandals with several velcro straps to perfectly adjust to fit. These will now replace my water shoes AND my flip flops. They were $89 at The Shoe Company.

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