Travel Document Copies & Phone Numbers

With only four days left, I’m working on the final details of packing and getting everything in order. It is always better safe than sorry, so I’m taking along photocopies of most of my id, as well as leaving copies of them at home … just in case any of it is stolen or lost along the way.

What to copy?
– Passport
– Health Card
– Social Insurance number
– Driver’s License
– Birth Certificate
– Medical Insurance card (Emergency travel medical insurance)
– Travel Insurance card (Trip Cancellation / Interruption)
– International or toll free phone numbers for emergency help with any possible insurance needs.
– Credit cards – front & back so that you have the phone numbers you need if the card is stolen.

Always keep your copies in a separate spot from the originals. I will likely always keep the originals on me at all times, but will have the copies stowed away in my backpack somewhere just in case.

Very important – DO NOT travel with your passwords written anywhere. Make sure you have them memorized, but you don’t want to be carrying them with your ID or credit cards.

You can also look into services such as It’s an online safety deposit box where you can store your travel and ID information, securely.

I don’t have a scanner at home, so I won’t be using the online option, but it is certainly the way of the future!

Phone Numbers
Presumably, your friends and family know you are traveling, so no one will think you’ve just disappeared.

Before I travel, I always leave a list of contact information with all of the closest people in my life, including each other’s phone numbers and email addresses. I’ll also leave my Doctor, Vet and Building Superintendent’s contact information for my family and close friends. I also make sure they have as much information about my flights, itinerary and accommodations as possible.

My list of people will include:
– My mom and dad
– My sister
– My boyfriend
– My roommate
– My building superintendent – I’ll make sure he has everyone’s contact information, but I won’t be sending him my full itinerary!

I will also take all of these contact names and numbers with me, in case of emergency. Most of us would have these numbers memorized, which is great, but if you are hurt, someone else may need these numbers.

In December 2010, my best friend, who lives in Bermuda, was in a very bad accident (head on scooter collision). Thankfully she survived and I received a phone call from one of her close friends in Bermuda to tell me what was going on. Unfortunately, they were having a difficult time reaching her mother and in the end, I was the one to get in touch with her. The accident was very serious and meant months of rehabilitation. I hope this never happens to me, or to anyone, but should it happen, I would want people wherever I am to be able to get in touch with my family ASAP.

It has taken me about an hour to photocopy everything, get my contact information all ready AND write this blog post. Really, it doesn’t take very long and you will most definitely appreciate it if something goes wrong while you are away!

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  1. I recommend that you carry a photocopy of your passport in your wallet, and secure your real passport in a safe place. In south America it is commen to be asked to see you passport not just by the police, but when checking into a hotel or for buying tickets for a bus or tour. Inspection of your photocopied passport (I.e name and address page) is acceptable, even by the police.

    1. I agree, for the most part and if I was going to one spot for several days, I would do that. Unfortunately while we are traveling, we are on the go a lot, so we probably won’t have the luxury of a safe very often. Plus we need our real passports at Machu Picchu to get the special stamp!

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