911 calls from Asiana Flight 214

Having survived a plane crash myself in 1997 at the Fredericton, NB airport, I feel for these passengers deeply and know the struggles that they are about to have going forward. The shock doesn’t wear off for a couple of weeks and then it really hits.

Although I am now able to fly (after 10 years), I struggle with it time and time again. And, every plane crash that hits the news stabs a steak in my heart as I feel the pain and fear all over again.

My heart goes out to the survivors of this horrible crash. And my own heart constricts with anxiety at the thought of flying to Asia in just four short weeks.

Until you’ve been through something like this, you can never understand the impact it has on your life and how even 16 years later it can make you emotional, fearful and thankful to be alive.


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