Always use protection

Photo tip: Always use protection!

Protect your lens folks!
Filters are expensive, but they are part of the whole kit and caboodle and I’m a strong believer that they are worth their price ($40-$100 per lens depending on the brand you buy).

Filters protect your lens from dust, scratches, rain and the elements in general on a daily basis. Lose your lens cap? At least you have a filter on so that your lens isn’t taking all of this daily abuse.

And, when you have an incident like I did where you drop your lens, face down on some rocks on the banks of Lake Titicaca, Peru … it might just save your sanity!

There it was, my 5D MK II, face down on the rocky beach …

Pretty much everyone in the group turned to look, and I’m pretty sure my face was white.

I picked it up off the ground and looked at the damage.


After letting Clever (our local leader) know that he could continue explaining to the group, I half paid attention and half studied the damage. The entire filter was smashed. The question was, did the smashed glass from the filter hit the lens? A filter is $60-$100 to replace. The lens is about $1000 to replace.

I slowly and tentatively unscrewed the filter from the lens. I could hear the glass shifting and starting to come loose. I had no idea what I was going to find behind that filter. Would my lens be equally as shattered? Finally, when the filter was off, I could see the lens. It had not broken, which was a good start, but with the shards of glass and dust all over it, I couldn’t really see how much damage there was.

A little in shock, I decided to just ignore the damage for the time being, pay attention to the day’s plans and deal with it later.

When I reached my home stay (about an hour later), I took a closer look. I carefully used my blower & lens pen brush to dust the remaining glass off the lens and held it up in the sun light. Miraculously, the filter had sustained all of the damage and the lens came out perfectly fine. As far as I can tell, not even a scratch. Guess it was my lucky day!

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