Angela’s Rules for bringing home a good man

During my first week here, I was part of many interesting conversations at my homestay. My homestay mom was a lot of fun and funny too! One night we were talking about ‘chiberica’s’ or party girls and it led to a conversation about what is expected of a man who comes to her home.

Angela’s Rules for bringing home a good man.

1. No earrings
2. No smoking
3. Dress nice – no tennis shoes unless going to work out
4. No tattoos
5. No long hair
6. Don’t show up at the door with a beer in hand or be drunk
7. Ask before he sits down, or be invited to have a seat in her home
8. No open shirts (buttons undone)
9. No hippies

My favourite is #7! Now, that would be a true gentleman. I can’t imagine this happening in Canada.

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