Another Life Changing Decision – Part 2

The To Do List

On January 11th, 2014 I was off on a girls trip to Mexico with my sister and some of her friends. It was just a standard resort trip. Not really my type of travel as I’m more adventurous, but none the less, I had a fabulous time and rekindled my love of Latino culture, the Spanish language and latin dancing. Not that any of them had really gone away … just subsided slightly.

Over the week’s vacation, I didn’t do a whole lot of thinking about how I was going to make it all happen, but in my mind I was trying to sort out how to leave Nova Scotia winters behind and live abroad for awhile. On the five hour plane ride from Cancun to Halifax I began writing a list of what I would have to do in order to make this all happen.

Here’s my list:

Sell or rent my condo – research options – contact real estate / property management companies
Sell my SUV – research balance owing on loan, current value and how to sell it (private / dealership)

Save money – consider taking on a few weddings over the summer, teaching photography classes, not eating out, looking for free exercise options not the gym (i.e. skating / walking, at home)

Find out about options for working abroad
Research teaching English abroad – TEFL certificate
Research jobs for foreigners in destination (such as Mexico)
Research running my own photography business (weddings / photo tours etc)

Research work visas (but this can’t be done until I decide on a country)

Determine some sort of time line / goal (currently I have loosely set this for Sept / Oct 2014)

Start selling / clearing out anything extra in my house that I haven’t been using or could make a bit of money from.

There’s nothing at all overwhelming about this to-do list is there?!

** Please note: Although I am posting this on May 7th, it was written back in January … it is the continuation of a series of how my thought process has worked to get me to the decisions that I am about to announce. Please keep in mind that none of the above ‘ideas’ are, or were ever carved in stone … simply thoughts and possibilities.

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