Another Life Changing Decision – Part 5

** Please note: Although I am posting this on May 9th, it was written back in January … it is the continuation of a series of how my thought process has worked to get me to the decisions that I am about to announce. Please keep in mind that none of the ‘ideas’ listed below are, or were ever carved in stone … simply thoughts and possibilities. Not decisions, just options.

The first big leap – February 1, 2014

I’m doing it. I’m going for it. What’s ‘it’ you ask? Well, you’re going to be both excited and disappointed …

You’ll know more than you did yesterday, but less than you want to! Still, all of your questions about my big plan will not be answered. Sorry, but I don’t have all of the answers at this point either.

I’ve spent weeks thinking about how to make IT happen and now I’m moving forward. I’ve done enough research to know that IT isn’t a mistake, just a new challenge, new opportunity and my next adventure.

The IT is that I’m going to work on getting completely debt free. At this point, after a couple of months of thinking, pondering and researching, I’ve decided to take the first big leap. I’ve decided to take actions that will get me debt free.

Yes, I have ideas and thoughts and dreams about what I’d like to do once I’m debt free, but I’m setting all of that aside … putting it on the back burner. Although dreams of travel, warm sunny days (instead of cold, wet, snowy winters) and salsa dancing, float around in my head regularly, I’m focused on one thing only at this time.

Must get debt free.

So, here we go! Bring on renovations!
That’s right … Obviously getting debt free starts with maxing out your line of credits and doing renovations … right? *sarcasm*


oh wait … ug 🙁

Knowing that I want to get my house renovated and listed by beginning to middle of March is a big motivator to take action right away. Hoping that I can accomplish renovations on time (4 weeks) and on budget ($5000) … what are the chances of that happening?

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