Casa Goethe – Sosua – in Photos

I attended Spanish school at Casa Goethe in Sosua for three weeks in 2012. It sure was beautiful! Here’s just a few shots of IIC Casa Goethe, the students and surroundings.

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  1. Great pictures and great timing. I’m just on-line checking out the Spanish lessons at Casa Goethe. What type of lodging did you have….did you have a room totally to yourself with your own bathroom or did you have shared accomodations? Do you feel you learnt a lot….what course did you take? I’m from Canada …have been to Sosua before and would love to learn some real Spanish! Would you recommend this school? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Betty,
      Thanks for the comment and questions. I haven’t quite been able to finish writing the blog post that will share most of the details that you are asking for … but I will have it up in the next couple of days. The short answers are this: I had my own room and own bathroom. It was nice, comfortable, large and better than the local hotel that I stayed in afterwards, for slightly cheaper. I did learn a lot, but I worked hard and was really interested! I went from beginner to intermediate in 6 weeks at 3 hours a day. I was very happy with the school. I have lots more to say, but don’t want this comment to be too long! I’ll email you … and I’ll get the next blog post up soon! Keep an eye out for it!

  2. Hola Shari,

    Muchas gracias para ti repuesta pronto. That’s about as far as I will venture for now with my Spanish!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling under the weather….hope you’re better soon.

    You are much younger than I am but I think we would have been friends if we had been at Casa Goethe at the same time. I also am not so interested in the party life and have a sincere wish to learn more Spanish. I have stayed at both Cabarete and Sosua with my husband on vacations . We both enjoyed it there but I personally would love to be able to communicate with the people. We have made some friends while vacationing ,but again not being able to communicate well has been frustrating.

    I am probably not as adventurous as you , so have been looking into renting an apartment at El Neptuno which would have been just down the road from the Spanish school you were staying at. The rent for 1 month is 1200.00 US which to me seems really high but appears to be a very nice place from the pictures I received. When I saw the information on Casa Goethe I thought it might be another option. However when I factor in food at restaurants versus being able to cook for myself I’m still on the fence.
    Any advice or thoughts you may have would be appreciated.

    Saludos cordiales,

    p.s. I’m from Winnipeg MB and have visited Halifax a few times…..I love it there!

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