Check out some of the people who check me out!

Although I love blogging and writing, you may find it funny to hear that I don’t actually like reading that much. I know, weird isn’t it? Maybe it’s because I spend so much time writing that I don’t find time to read … or maybe I’m just lazy … But, when another blogger really catches my attention, I try to stay loyal and check out their posts often!

So, over the last week or so, I’ve made a strong effort to check out some of the bloggers who follow me regularly and who have liked some of my posts. For one, if they like what I have to say, maybe I’ll like what they are saying. And two, sometimes it’s just nice to spread the love.

This week, along with spreading the love, I’m also going to challenge myself to start commenting on other people’s blogs in hopes that eventually people will begin to comment on mine. What goes around comes around right? Receiving a comment on your blog is much luck receiving snail-mail. Just a little happy moment in your day.

Now, I invite you to check out some of the people who check me out or people who I love to follow! After all, if you like me or what I have to say on my blog, maybe you’ll like what they are saying too!

Patrick Latter – Canadian Hiking Photography – He’s Canadian and his photos are stunning! Definitely worth checking out! He gives tips on how he creates some of his great images! He’s also participating in Movember to raise funds for Men’s Health. Donate to him here. And if you look through his blog for awhile, you’ll come to a post and photos about a squirrel … what did the squirrel leave him? I laughed out loud!

Bucket List Publications – Lesley Carter – Check her out because she does really cool travel things. She’s also a very successful blogger. She offers tips and advice on how to get noticed and how to increase your blog traffic.

Ido Lanuel – Check him out because he says things that will inspire you and challenge you to look at your problems differently!

Collector – Hosts a whole bunch of ‘interesting and artistic maps’.

The Big Book of Dating – Read this one ladies because it is simply fantastic! I’m sure you’ll have some laughs!

One Thousand Single Days – A woman’s journey to be single for 1000 days. Inspirational, funny and worth your time to read!

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