Day 1 at Spanish school

My first day of class (July 16th) I traveled to the school with my two roommates from Zona Colonial to Zona Universidad by public car and arrived at 8:45am. Shortly after 9am we were greeted as a group and assigned to our classrooms.

I joined my instructor Katherine and a student named Eric from Georgia. This class was a review for Eric, but was new to me. He had started three weeks prior with zero Spanish knowledge and I was joining in at his current level.

Our first task was to cover some of the most important questions or phrases needed for class, such as:

Como se dice …? (How do you say …?)
Que significa …? (What is the significance / meaning of … ?)
Repite por favor. (Repeat please)
Necesito ayudar. (I need help)
Tengo una pregunta. (I have a question)

Our next section was about opposites. We covered things like:
calor / trio – hot / cold,
suave / euro – soft / hard,
llueve / sol – rain / sun,
bonito(a) / feo – pretty / ugly,
grande / pequeno – big / small,
barato/economico / caro – cheap / expensive,
simpatico / antipatico – friendly / unfriendly,
largo / corto – long / short,
antes / despise – before / after

That day we also covered parts of the body, pieces of clothing and my first verb conjugation lesson – the difference between ser and estar (to be and I am).

When I look back at my notes from that first day, I sure learned a lot, but I am glad the instructor wrote everything on the board because that day I didn’t understand anything she said!

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