Do you love Canon?

My very first SLR camera was a Pentax film camera. It was a great start into the world of photography and served me well for many years. I bought it in 1998 at London Drugs in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Oh the memories!

When I decided to pursue photography further, as more than just a hobby, I switched to Canon and I have loved it ever since.

People ask me all the time … which is better? Canon or Nikon. My answer is always the same. Whichever you prefer to shoot with. Canon is better for some things, Nikon better for others. I’ve been a Canon-girl for at least 10 years now, so Canon is my preference, but only because I know it so well.

I met a photographer named Bob Davis at PartnerCon in New Orleans in 2010. He shot Eva Langoria’s wedding. At the time, a lot of Halifax photographers were in a big tizzy and had decided that Nikon was better than Canon so several of them were switching ALL of their gear over to Nikon. A huge undertaking and a huge investment. People were asking me if I was going to switch because so and so was switching. Hell no. If I were going to switch it would be for a good reason, not because so and so had decided to! Silly question.

In the back of my mind I’ve always said to myself … Bob Davis who shot Eva Langoria’s Wedding with Canon 5D gear gets phenomenal photos and works with celebrities, I think I can probably *suffer* through using the same equipment he does.

Just goes to show, although equipment is important in photography, it really is the brains and creativity behind the equipment that make or break a photo.

Cheers to Canon … I love you!

They are running a Fantasy Contest right now to win a fantasy dream kit. I’ve chosen the Adventure kit with a 70-300 mm lens. What will you choose?

It takes 1 minute to sign up and they really are just looking for new likes on their Facebook page. You can opt in to their newsletter, or not, up to you.

Hope you’ll sign up through this link below for your chance to win. Canon has always served me well and I don’t plan on giving up on them any time soon!

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