English Movie Irony

I have now been out to the movie theatres twice since I’ve been here. Reason #1, for the air conditioning. Reason #2 … for the air conditioning! ha ha ha Ok, ok … Reason #3 because it is dirt cheap. I plan to see as many movies as I can in theatre here before I leave because I can probably see them all for less than the price of seeing one at home.

Last Sunday I went to see The Dictator and last night I went to see Batman. It is $150 Pesos, just less than $4 US. Then, it cost me another $150 Pesos for a chocolate bar, medium coke and a bottle of water. And, I got air conditioning for 1.5 to 2.5 hours!

Now, I realize I am in a huge city, but for some reason, I thought that the Cinema here would not have the newest movies, or that the theatre would be old and tattered. Funny how wrong I was.

Cinema centro Malecon is huge and has 3D too! It has about 10 theatres I think and each of them are really large. They are stadium seating, but not quite the same as home. The seats are on a much steeper incline and the screens are huge here! The seats have plenty of room and are comfortable and unlike the rest of the city that is incredibly dirty, the theatre is quite well kept. I was even impressed with the fact that there were two women’s stalls with doors that closed, a wall between them, decently clean AND the piece de resistance ….. are you ready for it? There was toilet paper!

It is quite the experience at the theatres here because there are no rules. The first difference that I noticed was that in Canada, when we go in to a theatre, we choose our seat and then usually other people sit two or three seats away from you. Here, that is not the case. The theatre might only be 1/4 full, but everyone is grouped together, whether they know each other or not. During The Dictator, we were seating in a row almost alone and a group of six guys came in. Four of them sat on one side of me, directly beside me and then the other two crossed over and sat directly beside my friend. There were many other places that they could have all sat together, but they didn’t.

People also use cell phones all the time during the movie, for texting and for talking. They talk to each other in regular voices and they talk to people across the theatre.

The best part though is that they LOVE their movies. They laugh loud and hard like it is the funniest thing they have ever heard … all of the time. And, quite often when the movie is in English and subtitled in Spanish they find things funny that I don’t and vice versa. I even leaned over to a friend last night to ask what I missed, but she didn’t really know. The entire theatre of people was laughing except for the three of us white girls … How ironic seeing as the movie was in English!

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