Going on a Ripper?

April 15, 2012

As I was getting ready for my trip to Punta Cana to photograph Matt & Jen’s wedding, I had made a conscious decision to not to do a lot of excursions, instead to rest on my days off (3 of them). I thought because I wouldn’t be doing anything ‘exciting’ that I wouldn’t have anything exciting to write about …

Wow, was I wrong!

We were an hour late boarding in Halifax, apparently due to security issues or customs having to clear the plane … something like that. As we were walking down the gangway to the plane, a young really drunk guy came up behind me and a couple of other guests and started talking … or stammering … or slurring …

“Going on a ripper? … Ripper? You gonna rrrrip… you going on a ripper?”
This guy just kept slurring the same thing over and over and over …

About five minutes after being seated on the plane, a bunch of people from the front of the plane are staring toward the back in awe … yup, a police officer was escorting this young loaded guy off the plane. He was part of one of the several wedding groups that were traveling on our flight … hmmm … hoping the wedding isn’t tomorrow and really hoping he’s not the best man! Luckily he didn’t really seem to cause much of a fuss while being escorted off the plane, but then we also had to wait for his luggage to be removed … thanks buddy for the extra delay. Sorry, I don’t have much sympathy for a young guy who gets loaded waiting in the airport before going on vacation, so loaded that he has to be removed from the plane!

There was also no shortage of booze on our flight, but no one else got kicked off! Champagne and orange juice to start, complimentary wine after supper and two free drink tickets too! I’m not much of a drinker, so I gave mine all away, but I’m sure others enjoyed the alcohol to start their vacations!

Wow. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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