It’s a Squatter! Part 2

Feb 24, 2012

My second squatting experience was at our second homestay in Ccaccaccollo. In the main square they have outhouses with toilets, but after one of the guys in our group could barely go in it, I decided I wouldn’t even check it out.

When we got to our Mami’s house, Kristie was the first one to check out our bano (washroom). One of the little boys showed her where it was. She came back to report it was a squatter. Needless to say, I didn’t rush to go! She also said that the door didn’t seem to stay shut very well, so we made an agreement to go to the outhouse in pairs.

outhouse at Ccaccaccollo
outhouse at Ccaccaccollo
outhouse at Ccaccaccollo
outhouse at Ccaccaccollo

Just before supper, I decided that it was time. By this time it was dark and had been raining so it was incredibly mucky and slippery on the way there. We shared a flashlight, slowly made our way to the outhouse and took turns. I was surprised to find a small garbage can and toilet paper! There’s always something positive to be found, right? Once again, I balanced on the foot spots and coaxed myself to pee. Yes, I missed again. Oops. Narrowly missing my own foot this time. Pause, readjust … I actually think I got it this time! YAY! Remember, all of this done in the dark with only a flashlight.

Success! I had managed to not cover myself in pee. That’s a big accomplishment.

I should also say that it really isn’t that bad, after you get over yourself. We are very lucky to have all of the modern things in our lives that we do. I certainly appreciate my toilet at home a lot more, but really, as long as the outhouse is as clean as an outhouse can be, what’s the difference? You are only going there to defecate! All in all, our homestay’s outhouse was pretty clean, so I’m not complaining, just explaining how different it is.

Since I’ve already written about the Diva Cup and Traveler’s diaherrea, I might as well just tell you that I’ve now also been able to muster up the courage to also do a #2 in the outhouse. No need to go into great detail, but staying in a place like this for three days, you can’t hold it the whole time! Once I convinced myself that it was ‘ok’, it actually wasn’t so bad. Good news is that I didn’t miss on that one!

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