It’s so hot here that …

I’ve officially survived two weeks of crazy heat. Every day the temperatures are about 35 degrees, plus humidity which takes it up to feeling like 40 degrees. And, unfortunately you get no reprive at night. It drops by about 5 degrees. I thought I would do a quick post with things that you might not think of when it is hot all the time …

It is so hot here that ….

Sometimes a cold shower isn’t cold enough.
People carry hand towels around to dab their sweat all day long. (pack one with you or buy one when you arrive)
People carry umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun. (you’ll want one, for sure)
People walk slow because they don’t have the energy to walk fast and they would sweat more.
People sit outside at night, after dark because it is the only time when it is bearable. (bring a lot of bug repellant!)
Chocolate bars need to be kept in the fridge.
You need to grocery shop every couple of days for fresh fruit because it goes bad quickly.
My ear wax is soft! (Weird observation, I know, but it’s true!)
You sweat all day long, including in your sleep.
Ice melts before you can drink a glass of water.
After 5 minutes, air conditioning doesn’t feel cold.
You either stick to things or slide off of things really easily due to sweating all of the time.
Fingernail polish is always just a little soft. At least I found that mine didn’t harden completely.
Cream sun screen and cream insect repellant are useless because your skin is too busy spitting out sweat to absorb the cream! Bring spray not cream.

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