Jolly Roger Bar

Jolly Roger in Sosua is a great casual place to hang out with friends and meet come from away-ers. Owned and operated by a Canadian, living in the area, it is a local get together spot for many Canadian’s and German’s, but everyone is made to feel welcome!

Situated amongst various bars and restaurants on the main street, but yet far enough away from the party bars to not be overwhelmed by the music or the string of moto conchos that can be an annoyance.

The pirate themed bar has a unique décor, is large enough to comfortably hold several small groups of people and hosts a variety of games nights such as fuzball and dart tournaments. Bingo nights are also popular, with a portion of the winnings being donated to a local children’s charity. Great to see an effort being made to give back!

They play a wide variety of mainly English music from the 80’s and 90’s, mixed in with some newer hits. I found myself singing along to almost every song and remembering moments in my past when the music was top of the charts. It is a nice change for those of you who may not be in to dance music or the local bachata and merengue scene.

The owner is always around and happy to have a friendly conversation. The local waitresses are fun, tentative and offer good service.

Don’t forget to check out the interesting drink menu, including the Blue Mother Fucker. I personally wasn’t a fan because I am a whimpy drinker, but several of my friends loved them! I stuck to the Pina Colada’s. Not the best in town, but sufficient. And, there’s always cold Presidente beer!

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