My first health ‘issue’

Feb 13, 2012

I had a super fantastic day. I loved this day and I will hug it and keep it close forever in pictures. It was incredibly hot with lots of walking, swimming in a couple of different spots and visiting the Charles Darwin Station.

When I returned to Hotel Crossman at around 4pm today, I noticed that there was a small rash on the left side of my face. Just a few little pimple like things, but I don’t normally get acne, so I thought it was odd. Not too long after I was checking it out again and noticed that between my eyebrows had the same sort of rash. At that time I also noticed some blotchiness on my forehead.

I decided to take a shower and wash my face, but that didn’t seem to help. Oh, and have I mentioned yet that I don’t have any hot water? Cold shower every day. Nothing like that to get you movin’!

I’ve been feeling fine all day, other than the sizzling heat! I’m assuming it probably has something to do with too much sun and not enough water. Mistake of many tourists near the equator I’m sure! I did however wear SPF 50 and apply it three times. I also wore my t-shirt most of the time and a ball cap! It is apparent now though that even all of this doesn’t combat the powerful sun! I’ve been putting lotion on the burned areas and drinking lots of water.


Six hours after I first noticed the rash, it has gotten worse on my face and has started to spread to my neck and chest. There’s no point fighting it any more … I took a couple of Benadryl hoping that it’ll stop it in its tracks. Now, if it is heat related, I don’t think that’s going to help. But, if it is an allergic reaction to something, hopefully it’ll clear it up.

I’m feeling well for the most part, other than the few missed spots that got burned today. I’ve loaded up on water now as well so hopefully I shouldn’t be dehydrated.

If the rash doesn’t clear up, or I start having other symptoms, I’ll look into finding someone to have a look at it. I suspect it’ll be gone tomorrow though. I’ll keep you all posted on my blotchiness.

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