My first Tubaga morning

This morning I woke up around 7:30am to the sounds of birds chirping and rustling in the grass as little geckos of all sizes passed by. I rolled over to my right, opened my eyes and immediately awoke to the grand view from the top of this mountain.

Tubagua Eco Lodge
Tubagua Eco Lodge

I chose to sleep in a palapa last night as it was going to be occupied tonight and I would be sleeping in a more enclosed cabin. I figured while I was here, I should take advantage of the palapa experience.

Tubagua Eco Lodge Palapa Accommodations
Tubagua Eco Lodge Palapa Accommodations

Let me explain a little about the palapas. They are small structures, similar to a small cottage with thatched roofs. The one I stayed in had no walls, just tarp to keep the wind and rain out. It is like camping, but with a bed and a roof. It is amazing because you are sleeping in the fresh air with the soothing sounds of nature all around you. And, amazingly, there were not nearly as many insects and critters as I expected. Tim, the owner had also told me if I see any ‘ghosts’ or anything that scares me, to scream like a girl. I assured him that would be no problem! If something scared me, I would be sure to scream … like a girl.

I wrapped the mosquito net around my king size bed, checked under the covers for any creatures that might bite my toes, and then tentatively crawled in.

I wondered if I might be scared to sleep after my cockroach incident earlier in my trip, but after writing for awhile, and my lack of sleep from my night out in Cabarete on Thursday, when my head hit the pillow at 10:30pm, I was sound asleep.

After rising to the beauty of nature all around me, I headed to the bathroom for a shower to start my day. Now the shower is an experience all of it’s own! It is a small room with three walls made of bamboo, so there are spaces between them where you can see through, although it is obscured by some greenery outside. The fourth ‘wall’ is an open concept looking out over the grand view of the lush vegetation and sugarcane plantations of a local community.

It takes a little getting used to that when you sit down on the toilet you are staring directly into nature. And, when you get ready to shower, you strip off just as if you were in the woods.

Having said that, once you get past the fact that one wall of the building is completely open, it is beautiful to shower in the open, fresh air and stare at the stunning view.

Tubagua Eco Lodge
Tubagua Eco Lodge – the open concept bathroom

Jackie prepared fresh fruit, cereal, a fried egg and bacon for me for breakfast which I ate in the main group area. Again, enjoying the spectacular view.

A group of tourism students arrived to settle in before heading out on a tour along Ruta Panoramica. I spoke briefly to a few of them and then I decided to go adventuring!

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