Not quite Miami beach

As we flew into Miami through the beautiful scattered clouds in the bright blue sky, staring down to wide open ocean with a white line of sand for as far as the eye could see, I started thinking maybe on my seven hour lay over I should head out to Miami Beach!

Oh it was so beautiful! The patch work of perfectly intricate rectangles of water spread across the 360 degree panoramic view, with the beach off in the distance and 11 tall hotels silhouetted against the back lit ocean. It looked so beautiful and inviting.

When I arrived at the airport it was at least nice to not have to rush. So, I thought I would look into the option of a cab to the beach and storage at the airport for my carry ons. I didn’t really feel like lugging 40 extra pounds with me all afternoon. Then I found out it was be $35 each way to the beach … I decided that I could save my $70 and go to a beach in the Dominican for $5 on a local bus. After all, I will be there for 6.5 weeks. I think I should be able to find some beach time in there somewhere!

And, in the end, good thing I didn’t leave the airport to head to the beach. It took me FOREVER to get to my gate. A full hour and a half of walking around the airport asking various American Airlines staff where I needed to go / what I needed to do. One pointed me to the self serve check in. It then printed a paper that said go to an agent for assistance. I went to the agent at the front of my line where I had done the self serve check in. She pointed me to another area for International check ins and told me to talk to the staff there … even though she was also in international departures … I went to where she told me to, but there was no one working there. So, then off to find another AA staff member who put me in a baggage check in line up. The problem with this was that I wasn’t actually checking any baggage because it was already checked all the way through from Toronto.

In the end, the check in lady was lovely and fixed me right up. She explained that because of the changes to my flight this morning it was necessary for me to come to the counter. Phew! I just wish one of the other ladies could have told me that to begin with instead of just brushing me away to someone else.

With my final ticket in hand, I headed to security to wait in yet another long line up. Oh how I love taking my shoes off in a public building and walking around in bare feet on dirty floors. It always makes my day! I did have a good laugh as a man took his shoes off and then also proceeded to take his socks off because everyone else was going through barefoot. A little bit of comic relief in the midst of a long day.

I only have 45 minutes left before the boarding of my last flight. I am incredibly excited, but way over tired! I should be landing in Santo Domingo at 9:20pm local time … 10:20pm Nova Scotia time. Then I’ll transfer to my home stay and then, I’ll probably sleep!

If I have internet tomorrow I’ll post a few photos about my first impressions and my home stay.

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