One last night in Quito

Feb 16, 2012

Our flights had been set back by about an hour, so I was later than expected getting in to Quito. I think it must have been a 6:00pm touch down and then I quickly found my cab driver who had a sign with my name on it. We walked for a bit to the taxi and then inched our way into mucho traffico.

The driving in Quito is a little insane. Cars drive so close together that I can’t believe they aren’t scratched. Two lanes become four lanes, turning lanes become straight lanes … rules are obviously meant to be broken here. It took close to 30 minutes to get to the hotel through rush hour traffic.

I dropped my bags and headed straight out for supper at Hunter’s Restaurant on the corner of my street. Hunter’s is very Americanized. They had American 80’s music playing, English menus for tourists and some of the staff spoke English. I ordered myself some chicken fajitas with guacemole and was very happy I did. They were super tasty.

Then, back to the hotel to reorganize my packing, shower, find my necessary paperwork and talk to a few folks back home on skype.

Phew! Busy night. Worst part was that I had to be awake at 4am to catch my 7am flight. UG!

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