Ooops … did I say that?

As you can imagine, when learning a new language, it is extremely easy to say ridiculous things. Sometimes you are aware immediately of your errors, sometimes not so much. Think back to a two year old trying to learn to say ‘truck’ … I’m sure you’ve heard the mistaken version, and if you are a mom, you may have been horrified when your child said ‘*uck’ in public when they really just wanted their little green toy truck … innocent enough!

I’ll be writing a blog post on my first two weeks of school, hopefully today to catch everyone up on what I’ve been learning. All is going well though. I’ve had some really frustrating moments and I’ve said some ridiculously funny things … (warning bad language below)! I don’t learn the bad words in school, but when you say something wrong and someone laughs hysterically at what you’ve said, you learn the bad words quickly so you don’t embarrass yourself again!

For example ….

Near my first home stay was a popular street called Calle Conde … one day I made the mistake of calling it Calle Cono (cono = *uck) OOPS! Good thing I said it to a friend not a stranger!

My second mistake was saying ano instead of ano (with an accent over the n). Ano (with an accent) means year. Ano with no accent means asshole/anus (literally!)

My third mistake was particularly hilarious … I was speaking in Spanish, trying to explain about the singer of a song I liked. I couldn’t think of the word for singer in Spanish, so I thought I’d be smart and make up a word and hope that it was right. A lot of words are similar to French or English, so it was worth a try ….

So, I said El singa bien. This was supposed to mean he sings good. What I actually said to my friend was that he was good at sex! HA HA HA How embarrassing! I actually did recognize immediately what I had said which made the situation worse because I started laughing realizing what I had just said to this guy. I couldn’t even correct myself because I still didn’t know the correct verb for ‘to sing’! Now I know that it is ‘cantar’.

Feel free to laugh at my embarrassment! I’m laughing as I relive this moment right now!

Other words that I have been known to get confused are the following:

casada = married vs canasada = tired
caballo = horse vs cebolla = onion
enojado = angry vs enamorado = in love
camaron = shrimp vs camarero = waiter

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