Turkey Photo Tour with Experta Travel - 2015
Turkey Photo Tour – Sept 2015

Are you a photo enthusiast? Hobby or amateur photographer? It doesn’t matter how you label yourself, but you if you are someone who loves to take photos and travel you should consider going on a photo tour.

Photo tours give you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy traveling with your camera. Private transportation and special attention to detail in organization makes sure that you have the best opportunities to photograph the beauty of a location and to take your time doing it!

You can expect photo tours (land only) will range in price from $3000 – $10 000 per person depending on the length of the tour and location … so start a savings plan, build your flight rewards and get your vaccines up to date. Every little bit helps when you make the exciting decision to come travel with me on one of my next adventures!

Peru Photo Tour - 2013
Peru Photo Tour – 2013

If you love to take photos, have a passion for travel and adventure, I’d love to talk to you about joining one of my upcoming photo tours! Drop me a message anytime!