Working with Shari Tucker Luxury Travel & Adventures is all about time savings, stress-free planning and support throughout the entire process of planning your next great vacation. Shari will offer expertise, organization and personalized service that you simply can’t get from booking online.

PLANNING & SUPPORT FEE:   Please contact Shari for current pricing
This fee applies to all new bookings made Jan 2, 2020, going forward and covers all of the benefits included below.

Time-savings and Peace of Mind. Travel options online are endless. It can be time consuming, overwhelming and unnerving to book with a company you’ve never heard of in another part of the world. Not to mention sharing your personal details online, including your credit card. I save you time by knowing the ins and outs of the industry, being trained in various styles of travel and having reliable local connections to some of the best companies around the world. I protect your personal information by working with reputable suppliers that we have connections and contracts with and in many cases who are highly vetted by TPI and/or Virtuoso. You are in good hands.

Industry Expertise. Gained from specialized product and destination expertise, as well as up to date destination and product knowledge from attending conferences, webinars, workshops and agent familiarization tours. 

Hands on Experience from traveling in 45+ Countries.

Strong relationships with reputable suppliers. While I can book your vacation with almost any company in the world, I choose to work with TPI and Virtuoso’s preferred suppliers 90% of the time to ensure that I have the support needed to help you no matter what request you have or what unexpected situation may arise. I’ve spent time building personal relationships with many of our preferred partners. They are tried, tested and true. They are reputable, highly rated among agents and travellers alike.

Product Comparisons. Not sure which ocean or river cruise is the best fit for you or which is the better value? Not sure what the differences and benefits are for guided vacations, small group tours or private tours? I will help you understand all of the differences and recommend the best options for your style of travel.

Emergency Support. I have experience handling many unexpected circumstances in my own travels and that of clients. Whether an emergency happens, inside or outside of business hours, you have my support any day or time to get everything sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cost Savings. I try, whenever possible to pass along discounts, sales and value added amenities to my clients. These perks are not available on every vacation, but you can rest assured, when they are, I will help you take advantage of them. Cost savings can also often be found when booking international or complicated flight routings.

Pre & Post tour add ons. It takes time to research and manage customized pre and post tour add ons to your cruise or group tour. Included with the Planning & Support fee, I’ll help you plan, book and manage up to four additional days, attached to a cruise or tour. Should you wish to plan six or more days, the custom itinerary creation fee will apply.

Virtuoso. As a valued member of the exclusive Virtuoso Travel consortia, I have access to specialized partner trainings to ensure that I am well versed in various luxury and adventure products. I also have access to exclusive room upgrades, spa credits, on board credits, free shore excursions, discounts and special pricing on a variety of Virtuoso products to pass along to my clients. These perks and added benefits are only available through a Virtuoso Agent and are not available to the public.

Commitment to Sustainable Travel. Offering environmentally friendly travel options whenever possible and educating clients on how to be better travellers.

NEW: Carbon Offset Contribution. Collectively, we will help plant a minimum of 24 trees per month, preventing or removing at least 22 Tonnes of CO2 from the environment this year. Not only are we cleaning the air, we are also supporting job creation, bringing back habitat to plants, insects and animals who call the forest home and reducing the risk for flooding and landslides which devastate homes and livelihoods. You can learn more about the program, or increase your contribution by signing up for your own monthly subscription, here.