Renovations – Part 1

February 5, 2014

In the middle of January I decided that it was a good time to start thinking about selling my condo. My mortgage is coming up for renewal in August and I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with responsibility. So, selling the condo and becoming debt free seemed pretty liberating.

Five days into February and I’m moving right along with my plan, almost on auto pilot. It just seems as if I’m in a space where one thing after another just has to get done.

I’ve now had two different contractors in to quote on doing renos to my condo. I’m just waiting to get both quotes in before deciding who to go with. Honestly, they are very different … one seems very knowledgeable, lots of ideas and opinions to share. The other guy seems a little less business-minded and more like one of the country boys I grew up with. Both come highly recommended, so I’m just waiting to crunch some numbers.

With a self-inflicted goal of getting my house on the market in early March, I have no choice but to get things underway. Here’s my list of renos to be done:

Wall paper removed.
New paint – walls and baseboards.
Ceiling touch ups, but hopefully not repainting.
Backsplash to be added.
Recaulk sink, countertop etc.
Cabinets sanded and painted white with new pulls.
Planning to leave the countertops and flooring as is.

Living Room & Dining room
Fix laminate flooring, but not replace it.
Paint all walls, window frames, baseboards.
Remove broken blinds.

Stairs & Hallway
Remove carpet
Paint walls, baseboards
Paint / varnish stairs or replace with new treads
Laminate flooring
Paint closet doors

1/2 Bath
Recaulk around counter and sink
New flooring – laminate / tile or linoleum

Full Bath
Paint walls & ceiling
Recaulk around counter / sink / tub
Paint door

2 Bedrooms
Remove carpet & replace with laminate flooring
Paint walls & baseboards
Paint window frames
Touch up ceiling
Paint closet doors

Throughout the house, replacing switches and face plates.

Some of the above I can get my handyman friends to help out with. And, I even have a couple of people who have offered to help lay the laminate flooring for me. But, I’m waiting to get the quotes in before I rely on the kind assistance of friends.

With the help of one of my friends, I’ve already removed the carpet from the stairs and hallway. It took two of us about two hours last night, but there’s still a lot of staples and bits of carpet to remove before the job is done. Next up, carpet coming out of the bedrooms.

What did I learn?
1. The difference and benefits of both ends of a crow bar!
2. During renovations is no time to be gentle.
3. That carpets are disgusting.
4. That staples are my nemesis.
5. That you’re not allowed to dispose of carpet in the dumpster.

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