South East Asia – Chapter 4 – Leaving Canada

Finally, with all of the phone calls and complications behind me, my sister drove me back to the airport last night at 8:30pm for my new 11:45pm flight from Halifax to London to Bangkok.

I checked in without issue, my bag (backpack) is checked all the way to Bangkok and wrapped in a nice thick plastic covering to keep all the cords tidy and not caught in conveyor belts. It was tagged well and fingers crossed it will meet me in Bangkok safe and sound. I’m feeling pretty good about it, better than I was about three 1 hour connections with United. I didn’t think there was any way that my luggage would make that journey with me.

The lovely lady at Air Canada check in also pointed out that I would be arriving in Heathrow Terminal 3 and that my connecting Thai Airways flight departs from Terminal 3. Well, didn’t that make my night! I’d be arriving at one of the world’s biggest, busiest and most confusing airports and I only have to navigate a small portion of it. YAY!

Security was a breeze. I didn’t even have to have a body scan!

Boarding was on time, the flight was packed full. I was surrounded by children, but none of them made a peep throughout the evening until we were waking up for breakfast and then coming in for landing.

I’ve now safely arrived at London Heathrow airport and easily navigated my way to my connection area. With this huge airport though, they only announce gates about 15 minutes prior to boarding, so you have to sit in a common area and wait for your flight to show a gate number.

So, here I am, sitting and waiting … about 10 flights ahead of mine to be announced and then I can start my 10 – 20 minute walk to whatever gate I need to get to.

I’m trying really hard not to spend any money so I’m avoiding the stores and restaurants. Although they’d be much more interesting and active than continuing to sit on my ass, I don’t need to pack anything else in my carry ons right now.

This whole thing is still feeling pretty unreal. I’m not excited yet, although I think it’ll come soon. I am a little excited to get on my Thai Airways flight. They are well known in the industry for their level of service and, I believe, more room in Economy class. Here’s hoping the flight is also not full and maybe I can find three seats to lie down on.

Interestingly enough, I’m in row 64. I’m pretty sure this is about to be the largest plane I’ve ever been on. And, I’m preparing for about 12-14 hours on board (if my calculations are correct). It will be my longest time on one plane for sure.

That reminds me … I really should go do some walking. My tailbone is already pretty sore and the Halifax to London flight was only five measly little hours. Oh dear.

Stay tuned. I’m sure Chapter 5 – Bangkok – Airport to Airport will be interesting. I’m planning to take some go pro video while I’m in the cab!

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