South East Asia – Chapter 7 – Random Observations

A short little post about things I noticed during my transfer from Bangkok International Airport to Don Muang Airport. Totally random …

1. Bus drivers in Thailand are mainly female.
2. A lot of people where masks over their face while walking around at the airport or elsewhere. We
rarely see this at home, but it is commonplace here.
3. There is a Muslim praying room right beside where I am sitting in the DMK airport.
4. Bangkok (from the highway) looks like any other big city, with a few gold religious places or pagodas
sprinkled throughout the tall concrete jungle, mostly slightly on the outskirts of city centre
5. People here don’t seem to smile or laugh much. Now, maybe that’s because I’ve only been at the
airport. Maybe it isn’t a happy place to work or be?
6. I feel very safe. I’m sitting in the airport with my laptop out and my luggage all beside me, but
other than keeping an eye on my surroundings, I haven’t see anything to make me think someone might
try to pick-pocket me or run away with my stuff. I’m sure walking down the street I would feel
7. I’ve seen more than a few white men with much younger Asian women.
8. The cleaning staff wear gloves all the time and pick garbage up with tongs of different sorts. I
haven’t seen any recycling bins to sort different items, but the cleaners seem to separate the
bottles and cans from the paper with their handy tongs.
9. I have yet to see any good looking Thai men. I’ve never really been attracted to Asian men, but I
assumed that once I arrived in the country and was surrounded by them that there would be a higher
volume and that would mean I’d see more, therefore find more of them attractive. Unfortunately, not
so far. Just a random observation, no I’m not looking to hook up!
10. The women wear the cutest outfits! So girly, frilly, light and feminine. I suspect most of them are
designer though and I probably wouldn’t do girly and frilly very well so I don’t think I’ll be
shopping for those outfits while I’m here. We’ll see when I return at the end of my trip.

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