South East Asia – Chapter 8 – Masaman Curry

*written Aug 16th.

Still hanging out at the DMK airport with no internet. I fell asleep with my face buried in my luggage for a good 45 minutes at one point. When I woke up I was really confused. I had no idea where I was or if I had missed my check in … or if I had been snoring! No one seemed to be looking at me funny, so I decided I must have muffled my snores in my camera bag that I was laying on.

It was about 12:45pm local time and I was set to check in sometime between 1 and 1:30pm.

Both my left arm and leg had completely gone numb from the way I had been sleeping. I nearly cried when my leg started to get feeling back. I couldn’t move it at all it hurt so bad. So, I sat wincing for a few minutes hoping that the blood would soon be flowing normally again. Once I was sure I could stand up without falling down, I had toward the check in gate and found a seat there.

At 1:30 I checked in and then made my way through passport clearance and on to the other side of the airport. AH! It is much nicer on this side. Newer, more comfortable, fewer people, nicer shops and restaurants.

I wandered down to see where my gate was (directly in front of Dairy Queen). Quickly looked at the DQ menu and then decided since I was in Thailand, I’d try something more Thai than Dairy Queen. On their menu though they have various types of hot dogs and Matcha green tea blizzards.

Instead, I went to a café where I could sit and have my first Thai meal. I ordered an ice cran-apple tea and masaman curry. It happens to be my favorite when I eat Thai at home, so I wanted to compare. It was ready within five minutes and I was drooling from the scent before it even hit my lips.

It is a fish sauce / curry broth with chicken, onions and a chunky vegetable. At home it is made with sweet potato. Here, I’m not sure what it was. It looked more like turnip, but didn’t taste like either sweet potato or turnip, so I’m not sure.

Served with rice, a fork and spoon, I mixed it in together and gobbled it up. It was a bit spicier than the masaman curry they make at home, but it was very good. The only part I didn’t like was that they left the skin on the chicken. I’m not a fan of slimy chicken skin in my soup, so I ate around it.

The meal cost me 291 Thai Baht. (about $10 US). At home it would be around $12 to $15 Canadian. Keep in mind though, it is pricier because it is at an airport.

$50 US = 1480 Thai Bhat (airport exchange)
$1 US = 30 Thai Bhat

I don’t think they feed me a meal on Air Asia, so my next meal (if I’m hungry) will be in Yangon.

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