Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden Buenos Aires

November 25, 2014

I’m staying in a mostly local area of Buenos Aires called Almagro. It is the district beside Palermo, which is better known for tourists. Within Palermo, there is a lot of green space, including the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens. Today, I took a walk from my apartment to the gardens and planned on taking a taxi home, however the day was so nice that I decided to walk both ways. The streets are a bit difficult to navigate because many of them run at an angle and quite a few have three-way intersections, but somehow I managed without getting too far off the route! I left at 3pm and returned home around 6:30pm. That gave me time for a sit down lunch and yummy dulce de leche ice cream on the way home!

My biggest challenge was finding the entrance to the gardens! I walked ALL the way around the perimeter and every gate was closed, but I could see people inside! How did they get there? Finally, on my last 300 meters, I found the ‘unica entrada’ … the ‘only entrance’.

Here’s a quick iPhone photo essay of the botanical gardens and my ice cream treat on my way home! Enjoy.

Bermuda Botanical Gardens – Photo Essay

Bermuda Botanical Gardens - Hamilton Bermuda

I’ve visited Bermuda three times since 2006. Normally I don’t return to the same place over and over again, but Bermuda is beautiful and my friend, Michelle was living there up until the Spring of 2012. Not a bad place to go visit my bestie! Not to mention the cheap, direct flights from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The first time I went to Bermuda was via cruise ship in 2006. The second time was by plane in July of 2008 and then my last visit was in October of 2010 to celebrate my 32nd birthday. It was on my last trip that I went to enjoy the beauty of the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. All 36 acres of tress, flowers and shrubs and a few critter inhabitants too! Hope you enjoy a little photo essay of the beautiful gardens.