The Big Announcement

The news is in! Yup … I’m ready to share what’s been going on in my life and career since I returned from the Dominican Republic in September.

… Are you ready?

I am changing careers … immediately … Of course, for me, I’ve been thinking about it and waiting for three or four months, but for you, I realize this may be a big surprise.

I just finalized details in the past two days, so now it is official and I start my new job on Monday! (that’s tomorrow! YIKES!)

As of tomorrow I will be working full time as an Adventure Specialist (travel agent) at The Adventure Travel Company here in Halifax, located in the north end in the Hydrostone right beside Starbucks.

I will be specializing in adventure travel, but it is a full service agency and can book anything from cruises to flights to climbing Mount Everest.

As you can imagine, this is a HUGE change for me. After 10 years of self employment, running a very successful photography business, I have decided it is time for change. I have struggled for the past few years with working from home, motivating myself, staying on task, my hate of editing, my longing for a schedule & to not work alone.

I considered other travel opportunities that would have let me run my own business and work from home, but in the end I decided with an open heart that I no longer wanted to run my own business full time or work from home, so I sought out an office position that just happened to come with impeccable timing.

I am excited to start a journey with a regular pay check, regular hours and the requirement to be responsible to someone other than myself. I am super excited to have paid vacation, the option of EI and health benefits.

And, I can’t wait to have co-workers!

I am beyond excited to immerse myself in travel … learning about our world, the people and both having & helping others have, great adventures!

On the downside, no more seven week trips to the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish! On the upside, yes I will get some great deals when I do decide to travel which means I’ll head off to some really cool places, off the beaten path!

I will be continuing photography on a part-time very selective basis. I have chosen a handful of corporate clients whom I will continue to work with, but my other clients will be referred to another photographer who I trust and respect.

I hope that with my new schedule I can start to work on getting balance in my life.

So, there you have it … big changes that I’m scared about, but also very excited about.

Give me a couple of weeks to settle in, but I hope that you’ll stop by to see me or give me a call at my new work home to talk about any travels that you have coming up or are thinking about planning!

If you are interested, I will also be posting new blogs very shortly about how this life and career change came to be … it hasn’t been an easy decision and for those who are struggling with similar issues, questions and unhappiness, I am happy to share my thoughts in upcoming posts. If you want to make sure you don’t miss them, sign up for my posts to come to your email on the right hand side of my blog!

20 thoughts on “The Big Announcement

  1. Shari,I am so happy for you!! I know any thing you do in life will be done with the complete exellence that you demand of your self. You are definatly going places,young lady!….. Best of Wishes! Hazel FraserBriand

  2. Know exactly where you are coming from. Had my own business for 16 years, and it was such a relief to sell it, and go work for someone else. Steady paycheque, no more working to the wee hours to get orders done, no more laying awake at night wondering what to pay and what not to pay. There are things I miss, my clients, the ability to work like a beaver one week, so I could be off one day, and not ask permission, the creativity, and having clients go “WOW”. But it is so nice to hand the reins over.

    1. I knew there must be other people out there who have started their own business, been successful and still decided to switch it up for a 9-5 job. Lots of people go the opposite direction … not quite so many give up the ‘freedom’.

    1. No plans for Chile as of yet! Peru Through the Lens is scheduled for April, but I won’t have time to travel elsewhere as an add on to the trip. Colombia is one of the next places I want to visit. Chile is slightly lower, but still on my list for the next few years!

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    1. AWWWWWW! Thanks Ted!
      I’m actually still working with NSLC on a regular basis. I picked a handful of clients that I wanted to continue working with and they were one of them. Hope you are enjoying retirement! I’ll get there one day!

  4. Congrats Sheri…I can relate as you know…being self employed for over 10 years in many different businesses including photography can be challenging in itself. With a very changing market in our business it is hard to compete with everyone who now calls themselves professional photographers and undercutting prices that we can’t even compete against. I also just do it part time but more for fun and extra cash…I enjoy my new journey (however still self employed) there is something to be said to receive a steady paycheck and have some stability in life. All the best in your journey!!


    1. Thanks for the message and the well wishes! For me, getting out of the business had nothing to do with the competition or under cutting of prices though … neither of those ever bothered me. I always had more than enough work and if I lost out on a job to someone who charged less that just left me open to find out that paid more. I never concerned myself with it or worried about it. I was just simply tired of trying to do soooo many things all the time and needed a change. So here we are! 🙂

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