Travel is an amazing way to learn new things, see new places and get away from your everyday routine, but there’s also a lot to know before you go! The following is a list of important resources and information that you should look at before finalizing your trip.

Healthy Traveller – Travel Health Clinic – Halifax – If you are traveling anywhere in the world these days, it doesn’t hurt to check with a travel health professional to make sure you haven’t missed any health concerns of the destination you are visiting. For example, did you know Malaria is a concern in Dominican Republic? And, did you know that you can’t enter many countries in Africa if you’ve transited through an airport in a Yellow Fever country?

Travel Health Notices including up to date information on Coronavirus world-wide

What you can bring on a plane

Registrations of Canadians Abroad – Let the Canadian Government know where you are traveling so they can reach you in case of emergency such as a natural disaster.

Travel Health Advisories –┬áSelect your destination country and then choose the tab for Health.

Travel Entry & Exit Requirements – Select your destination country and then choose the tab for Entry / Exit Requirements.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers in Halifax, Nova Scotia