Halifax Travel Agent: Shari Tucker

Everyone has a different definition of Adventure Travel. Whether you are looking to travel solo for your first time, try a new destination, a new sport or dig deep and summon your inner warrior to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’m here to help you find the perfect luxury or adventure vacation.

As a travel agent, I take care of booking all of your great adventures with the utmost care. You get friendly, knowledgeable service from someone with hands-on, in-destination experience! I’ve learned to scuba dive in the Philippines and to surf in Mexico. I’ve studied Spanish in Dominican Republic, Panama and Argentina. I’ve gone horseback riding through jungles in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Belize.  I’ve cycled in Amsterdam, Myanmar and Vietnam. Among my favorite adventures is sunrise hot air ballooning in beautiful Cappadocia, Turkey.  I’ve had unforgettable moments in treehouses and starbeds in Africa. I’ve had dinner in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park with elephants sipping water from the pool a few feet away from me and I’ve seen the most incredible sunset from atop Table mountain.

Having visited 47 countries and counting, I have first-hand experience to share with you about all kinds of adventures from solo to group, backpacking to luxury, relaxing to active.

Interested in an adventure of your own? Drop me a message any time.